This Finish is RoHS Compliant

( Per Mil-A-8625 Type II Class 1 & Class 2)

Anodizing is an electrochemical process that forms a non-conductive oxide coating on a metallic surface.  When aluminum alloys are anodized an oxide coating is formed that grows from the base metal and leaves a hard corrosion resistant coating with excellent wear properties.  The presence of pores in the oxide coating allows the surface to be colored by using organic dyes and then sealed to enhance its corrosion resistance. The color of the coating is designated by the Class:

                                   A Class 1 finish is the natural clear color of the oxide coating

                                   A Class 2 finish is usually dyed with the color of choice.

T & T presently offers the following RoHS Compliant Architectural Dyes: CLEAR - BLACK - BLUE - RED - GREEN

Looking for a color that's not listed above? No problem. We can set up job specific dye tanks that fit your needs. *Additional charges apply. Contact us for more information.

Anodized Parts

Anodizing at TT Anodizing

Our strict quality control measures will ensure that your parts will be consistent in color from one order to the next. When color matching is important we highly recommend using the same alloy on all parts. The oxide coating from sulfuric acid anodizing of this Type II is controlled to a total thickness in the range .0003" to .0007" or .3 to .7 mils.

We also offer precision masking services. T&T's quality control measures will ensure that your parts are masked carefully and properly before being processed.

MIL-A-8625: Anodic Coatings for Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys

MIL-A-63576: Aluminum Oxide Coatings, Lubricated, for Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys